Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre- (Ages 6 and older) For the ham in you – students will explore a beginning acting class where ensemble work is stressed. By exploring the world of drama, students learn to work with others, to understand and express their feelings, and to appreciate how discipline goes hand-in-hand with creativity. Classes emphasize imagination, role-playing, movement and interpretation of language, character interpretation, and stage presence.

Our Holiday Tradition- A Christmas Wizard of Oz!










Just imagine! The Wizard of Oz adapted for Christmas! A snow blizzard carries Dorothy and Toto to the magical Elfinsland where Glinda is the Good Witch of the North Pole! Dorothy must get home to open her Christmas presents in the morning, so she sets off to meet the Wizard who lives in the Great Palace of Toys. The Scarecrow is now a Snowman, the Tin Man becomes a Tin Soldier, and the Lion is now a toy Stuffed Lion that is sadly overpriced. Is that man behind the curtain really Santa Claus? Will he grant the traveling friends their gifts? Will he help Dorothy get back to Kansas in time for Christmas? Is that Santa’s sleigh and reindeer flying off in the sky? When Dorothy wakes up on Christmas morning it all becomes clear–there’s no place like home!

Every year from August to December, our Musical Theatre students are hard at work putting together a spectacular performance of  a great Holiday Show.  Each week, the students learn new lines, sing Christmas carols, master stage presence, work on props, and get into character. In December, all of their hard work pays off when they perform in front of several large audiences to resounding applause.

We begin to prepare for our Spring performance in January. The Spring play is normally performed in April or May. Auditions are held for the Spring performance in January. Dates for auditions will be posted on the Julestarz calender. Please contact the studio for more information.

Auditions for parts are held each year in September & January. If you are interested in becoming a cast member in our Holiday, Spring or Summer production please contact the office.